What's the benefit to your business?

From the basics of Facebook and Twitter through to the more advanced stages of monitoring and insight, our in-house experts will demonstrate how to make social media work for your business and its overall strategy.

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Learn how to expertly craft posts which are highly shareable, engaging and interactive.

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Gain the knowledge needed to develop a strategy which is achievable and relevant.

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Remove the shackles and interact with the largest online community available to your business.

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Discover a whole new way to interact with current and potential customers.

Why choose our Social Media courses?

Digital Reflow is a specialist Social Media agency. All of our trainers have and continue to execute social media campaigns for our clients. They face the same challenges you will and are on the frontline of how to overcome them. You can be too!

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Making Social Media work for your business

We will work together to establish the right course for you and even tailor the content to suit your business needs. Whatever we can do to realise the enormous potential social media can offer your business, we will do it.

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Industry experts and insights

Our course leaders have a proven track record in managing social media channels for big brands including Samsung and ASOS and national news outlets such as The Sunday Times and The Daily Mail providing the perfect opportunity to tap into their extensive knowledge and expertise.

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Social networking is a global revolution, enabling people worldwide to stay in touch with their friends, share experiences and photographs and exchange personal content. But there is a sense of the untouchable when it comes to social media which can be a dangerous sentiment. Read our PDF on how you can stay safe on Social Media here.
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  • "Digital Training Essex took my knowledge of social media to the next level."

    Kelsie Lowe, Marketing Manager, Phelan Construction

  • "Fun, relaxed and hugely informative. Highly recommended."

    Deb Marsden, MD, Biscuit Wishes

  • "The course was crafted specifically to suit our own personal business goals. We came away with a wealth of material to put into practice."

    Karl Marsden, MD, Shortlist Media

  • "I will definitely be in touch to book a place on the advanced course!"

    Rob Bamber, Marketing Manager, FileHound